It’s an important, busy week for policy committees as they work this week voting on bills ahead of Friday’s committee cutoff. Bills without a fiscal impact that have failed to move out of committee by the end of the day Friday, can no longer move forward this session. This first deadline of the 2023 session is one of the more critical on the legislative calendar as it makes much more clear which bills are still in play to become law.


Sen. Karen Keiser, sponsor of SB 5729.

Tuesday, February 14
8 am

The Health & Long Term Care Committee will hear public testimony on Senate Bill 5729. This policy, sponsored by Sen. Karen Keiser, will extend the $35 cap on the cost of life-saving insulin for another year. Watch on TVW.


A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers will discuss efforts to prevent domestic violence.

Tuesday, February 14
10 am

In the wake of a surge in domestic violence during the pandemic, the need for services has been escalating in recent years: sexual assault programs and children’s advocacy centers across our state have both seen double-digit increases in demand. A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers from the House and Senate will be joined by advocates for a press conference to discuss the need for policy change and funding that will reduce domestic violence. Here are additional details including a list of policies. Watch on TVW.


Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Deputy Leader Emily Randall will answer press questions Thursday.

Tuesday, February 14
1:30 pm

Democratic leadership from the House and Senate will answer questions from the press on Tuesday. Watch on TVW.


Floor action continues this week ahead of Wednesday's opposite house cutoff.

Wednesday, February 15
10:30 am

The Senate will take action on bills that put people first on Wednesday. Watch on TVW.