MOCC Priorities

2023 Legislative Session Priorities of the Washington State Senate Members of Color Caucus:

The Washington Senate Members of Color Caucus (MOCC) envisions a state that recognizes that our strength is rooted in our diversity; a state that is committed to creating equal opportunities for all, including political representation for people of color; and a state that dedicates itself to advancing racial equity throughout the legislative process.

Housing & Homeless Supports

Increase supply with middle housing (SB 5190)

Rent stabilization (SB 5435/HB 1389)

Use capital investments for housing programs (SB 5202)

Enhance behavior support homes program (SB 5506)

Fully fund the Housing Trust Fund (SB 5200)

Economic Stability & Foundational Supports

Washington Future Fund (SB 5125)

Free School Meals for Students (SB 5339)

Accelerate stability for people with a work-limiting disability or incapacity (SB 5480)

Address “de-risking” by financial institutions (SJM 8005)

Provide transparency in supply chains/forced labor (SB 5541)

Working Connections Child Care (SB 5225)


Mental Health Sentencing Alternative (SB 5588)

Postconviction access to counsel (SB 5046)

Diversify juries (SB 5128)

Community Safety

Establish a Hate Crimes Hotline (SB 5427)

Classify hate crimes as crimes against persons (SB 5623)

Prevent the purchase, use, and possession of vapor and tobacco products by minors (SB 5365)

Model vehicle pursuit policy (SB 5533)

Support issues related to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People

Equity & Access

Universal Highly Capable Testing (SB 5072)

Social Equity in Cannabis (SB 5080)

Wage replacement program for workers excluded from unemployment insurance (SB 5109)

Increase equity in public works contracting by removing barriers for small contractors (SB 5268)