The 60-day 2024 legislative session will conclude this week with floor action focused primarily on concurring (and sometimes not concurring) with changes made to Senate bills in the House. Also this week, the final versions of the supplemental operating, capital and transportation budgets will be revealed. And today, the Senate and House will hold floor votes on the three initiatives that had public hearings last week.


The Senate will be on the floor throughout the week to put the finishing touches on the 2024 session..

Monday, March 4-Thursday, March 7

The Senate will spend a lot of time on the floor this week, considering bills amended by the House during the concurrence process, and taking action on supplemental budgets, and holding votes on three initiatives.

Monday: 10 am; 1:30 pm; 5 pm (Expected floor action on I-2111, I-2081 and I-2113)
Tuesday: 10 am; 1:30 pm; 5 pm
Wednesday: 10 am; 1:30 pm; 5 pm
Thursday: 10 am; 1:30 pm; 5 pm (Sine Die)