Things get extra BUSY in Week 7 as both the operating and transportation budgets are revealed. Opposite chamber policy cutoff arrives Wednesday meaning policy committees have until adjournment that day to vote out House bills without a fiscal impact. The Senate will also take to the floor Wednesday afternoon and again on Thursday and Friday morning to begin passing House bills.


Ways & Means Chair Sen. June Robinson and Vice Chair Sen. Joe Nguyen.

Monday, February 19
9:30 am

Ways and Means Chair Sen. June Robinson and Vice Chair Sen. Joe Nguyen will answer press questions Monday morning about the 2024 supplemental operating budget, SB 5950. Watch on TVW.


Law & Justice Chair Sen. Manka Dhingra.

Monday, February 19
10:30 am

The Law & Justice Committee will hold a public hearing on a slate of gun safety bills recently passed by the House. House Bill 2118, sponsored by Rep. Amy Walen, would require additional responsibilities for gun shops operating in Washington. HB 2021, sponsored by Rep. Tana Senn, allows the Washington State Patrol to destroy confiscated firearms. HB 1903, sponsored by Rep. Liz Berry, strengthens the laws around reporting a lost or stolen firearm. Watch on TVW.


Human Services Chair Sen. Claire Wilson.

Monday, February 19
10:30 am

The Human Services Committee will hear several bills aimed at helping families and communities across the state. House Bill 2007, sponsored by Rep. Strom Peterson, extends the time struggling families can received TANF benefits. HB 2230, also sponsored by Peterson, makes permanent the Economic Security for All grant program that was first created to help especially needy families hit hard during the pandemic. HB 2256, sponsored by Rep. Lisa Callan, continues the work of the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Workgroup to identify solutions and policies for youth experiencing behavioral health crises. Watch on TVW.


Children's Day 2024 is Monday.

Monday, February 19
12:30 pm

Children’s Day 2024 is Monday, bringing to town the kids of legislators, staff and other folks who work in Olympia. Kids will be all over the Capitol but we’re going to try and get some work done anyway. The Senate will hear resolutions honoring Black History Month, sponsored by Sen. T’wina Nobles, and the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, sponsored by Sen. John Lovick. The Senate will also pass policy bills, including House Bill 1895 which strengthens the Working Families Tax Credit. Watch on TVW.


Ways & Means Chair Sen. June Robinson.

Monday, February 19
4 pm

The Ways & Means Committee will hear public testimony on Senate Bill 5950, the 2024 supplemental operating budget. Watch on TVW.


Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig will be in attendance for Tuesday's availability.

Tuesday, February 20

Democratic Leadership from the House and Senate will answers press questions Tuesday. Watch on TVW.


Sens. Curtis King and Marko Liias, ranking and chair of the Transportation Committee.

Tuesday, February 20
1 pm

Transportation Committee Chair Sen. Marko Liias and ranking Republican member Sen. Curtis King will answer press questions about the 2024 supplemental transportation budget (Senate Bill 5947) from the Senate Rules Room. Watch on TVW.


Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee Chair Sen. T'wina Nobles.

Wednesday, February 21
8 am

The Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee will hold a work session exploring elements of Pac-12 Conference realignment and how athletic programs will operate moving forward. Watch on TVW.


The Senate will be on the floor throughout the week to put the finishing touches on the 2024 session..

February 21, 22 & 23

The Senate will be on the floor Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 pm and again in the morning on Thursday and Friday starting at 9 am.

Wednesday, 1:30 pm, Watch on TVW
Thursday, 9 am, Watch on TVW
Friday, 9 am, Watch on TVW


Funding for Washington ferries is a priority in the transportation budget.

Wednesday, February 21
3 pm

The Transportation Committee will hear public testimony on Senate Bill 5947, the 2024 supplemental transportation budget sponsored by Sen. Marko Liias. Watch on TVW.