OLYMPIA – The Senate Democratic Caucus today voted to confirm committee membership and leadership positions for the 2023 Legislative session.

“Our majority caucus continues to become a more accurate reflection of the people we represent,” Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig said. “Lawmaking is most effective with diverse voices and perspectives at the table. Our caucus, like our state, includes people of many different backgrounds, ages, and lived experiences. Those experiences and diverse opinions result in better policies and ensure that we are working to make progress for everyone in Washington state.

“We’re excited and humbled to enter our sixth session in the majority and continue our work on behalf of all Washingtonians.”

Key changes to leadership include:

  • Sen. Emily Randall joins Sen. Manka Dhingra as Deputy Majority Leader.
  • Sen. T’wina Nobles becomes Majority Whip.
  • Sen. Rebecca Saldaña becomes Majority Caucus Vice Chair.
  • Sen. Elect Claudia Kauffman joins Sen. Derek Stanford as Leadership Liaison to Tribal Nations.

Key changes to committees include:

  • Sen. Joe Nguyen becomes chair of the Environment, Energy & Technology Committee.
  • Sen. Derek Stanford becomes chair of the Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade Committee.
  • Sen. Liz Lovelett becomes chair of the Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs Committee.
  • Sen. Mark Mullet becomes the lead on the Capital Budget.
  • Sen. June Robinson becomes vice chair of the Health & Long Term Care Committee.
  • Sen. Elect Noel Frame becomes vice chair of both the Housing Committee and the Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade Committee.
  • Sen. Elect Kauffman becomes vice chair of the Human Services Committee.
  • Sen. Saldaña becomes vice chair of Labor & Commerce and joins the Ways & Means Committee.
  • Sen. Jesse Salomon becomes vice chair of the Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs Committee.
  • Sen. Elect Javier Valdez becomes vice chair of the State Government & Elections Committee.
  • Sen. John Lovick and Sen. Elect Sharon Shewmake become vice chairs of the Transportation Committee.

On Nov. 11, Sen. Andy Billig was re-elected Senate Majority Leader and Sen. Bob Hasegawa was re-elected Caucus Chair.

For a complete list of committees and committee assignments, click here. Committee assignments and leadership positions become official after a full vote of the Senate on the first day of session. The 105-day 2023 legislative session begins Jan. 9.

The 2023 session will return to an in-person format, but many of the tools put in place to help the public participate more easily and actively during the pandemic will remain. If you cannot be in Olympia in person, but would like to participate in the process, click here to learn how you can testify, submit written testimony or have your position noted on any bill being considered by a committee.

Anyone interested in participating should check leg.wa.gov for the latest information. All legislative hearings are streamed live on TVW.org and also recorded and available to view in TVW’s archive.