With just four days left in the 2022 Legislative Session, the Senate will put the finishing touches on the supplemental operating budget, the Move Ahead Washington transportation investment package and policies to address climate change, public health and safety, education, job creation, tax cuts and much more that will have a positive effect on communities across our state.

The majority of this week will be spent on the floor, and the best way to follow all the action is via TVW’s live feed, which you can access here.


Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig and Deputy Leader Rebecca SaldaƱa.

Monday, March 7
12:30 pm

Democratic leadership from the House and Senate will answer questions from the press on Monday afternoon. Watch on TVW.


The Senate will wrap up the 2022 session on Thursday.

Morning, afternoon, evening

The Senate will be on the floor for the majority of the week. The best way to follow along the entire week is via TVW’s live Senate stream which you can find here. You can also find links to specific floor sessions below:

Monday, March 7: 10 am1:30 pm5 pm
Tuesday, March 8: 10 am1:30 pm5 pm
Wednesday, March 9: 10 am1:30 pm5 pm
Thursday, March 10 (SINE DIE): 10 am1:30 pm5 pm