I wanted to share a wonderful opportunity for our community and for communities throughout Washington. Because of our recent investments in the Move Ahead Washington transportation plan, several grant programs have additional funding that will allow us to make more investments in projects like safe routes to schools, carbon reduction and better safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. All of us have a bridge or sidewalk in our community that could stand to be improved. If you know of such a project contact your city council or other local officials and let them know about these opportunities so we can all make sure Washingtonians reach their destinations safely whether we’re traveling by bike, foot, bus or car.

Here are the programs and their deadline dates:

  • Local Bridge Program Closes April 29, 2022
    The focus of this program is to preserve and improve the condition of bridges that are physically deteriorated or structurally deficient through replacement, rehabilitation and systematic preventive maintenance, that are owned by cities and counties.
  • Zero-emissions Access Program grant Closes May 10, 2022
    Zero-emissions Access Program (ZAP) grant provides funding for zero-emissions carshare pilot programs in underserved and low- to moderate-income communities.
  • Zero-emission Vehicle Infrastructure Partnerships grant Closes May 18, 2022
    Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Partnerships (ZEVIP) grant provides funding for the installation of new and upgraded electric vehicle charging equipment and hydrogen fueling infrastructure along priority corridors.
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Program Closes May 30, 2022
    The Pedestrian and Bicycle program objective is to improve the transportation system to enhance safety and mobility for people who choose to walk or bike.
  • Safe Routes to School Program  Closes June 6, 2022
    The purpose of the Safe Routes to Schools Program (SRTS) is to improve safety and mobility for children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school. Funding from this program is for projects within two-miles of primary, middle and high schools (K-12).