Sen. Marko Liias, D-Lynnwood, has requested in a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson that his office investigate Exxon Mobil Corp. to determine if the company has violated Washington’s environmental or consumer protection laws.

The request stems from media reports that surfaced late last year revealing Exxon scientists learned decades ago the negative impacts fossil fuels have on the environment and the role they play in the spread of climate change. The reports also state these findings were covered up by top Exxon Mobil executives.

Liias’ believes that the concealment of these findings could have violated multiple Washington laws while defrauding Washington consumers with misleading and fraudulent science.

“Washingtonians deserve to know if a major company with a powerful presence in our state went out of its way to mislead, misrepresent and out-right lie to them,” Liias said. “Consumers vote with their dollars. If these underhanded practices took place in our state, Washingtonians deserve to know to what degree and for how long this has gone on.”

Attorney Generals in New York and California have already launched similar investigations and Maryland’s AG is considering similar action.