Investing in Education


As legislators, it is our responsibility to invest in students and ensure that everyone has access to an education that sets them up for success. From Kindergarten to higher education, students across the board experienced disruptions in their education due to the pandemic. Democrats in the Legislature passed policies and budgets that  will increase opportunities for students across Washington. We know that college is a powerful pathway to opportunity, but it’s not the only path and that’s why we made significant new investments in apprenticeships to ensure everyone can find a good-paying career. 

  • SB 5194 expands programs and provides funding for our Community and Technical colleges to address the needs of first-generation and students of color while expanding and diversifying the college workforce 
  • SB 5847 expands access to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSFL) program and will help to relieve borrowers.  
  • $345 million in our 2022 budgets to stabilize school districts that experienced enrollment declines because of the pandemic. 
  • HB 1736, creating a student loan program with low interest rates so Washington students can attend higher education institutions with fewer financial barriers. 
  • SB 5600 and SB 5764 to expand access to apprenticeships. 
  • SB 5030, requiring school districts to implement a school counseling program that allows school counselors to spend at least 80% of their work time providing direct and indirect services to students. 
  • $90 million to add nurses and counselors in schools to meet the physical and social emotional needs of students. 

Every student deserves access to a healthy and supportive learning environment. As a member of the Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee, I am proud to make our higher education institutions more accessible to more folks across the state.