OLYMPIA – Sen. Bob Hasegawa (D-Beacon Hill) was chosen by the Washington State Senate Democratic Caucus to be the Majority Caucus Chair early last month. He has filled the position as Interim Chair since Sen. John McCoy retired this summer.

“There is no shortage of pressing issues and inequities that the Legislature must address in the 2021 session,” said Hasegawa. “I am honored to have been chosen by my colleagues to help guide us through this convergence of crises we’re all suffering through. But crisis is also opportunity. We need to embrace these opportunities to correct the inequities that have been exposed and come through the other side as a stronger and more just state, which is well positioned to grab the opportunities of the future.”

Senate Democrats also selected Sen. Andy Billig to continue as Majority Leader. Democrats finished their reorganization on Nov. 30 by approving committee membership and the remaining leadership roles for the upcoming 2021-22 Biennium (the 67th Legislature of Washington State).

In addition to his new leadership position, Hasegawa was reelected as vice chair of the newly renamed Business, Financial Services & Trade committee. He will continue to serve on the Ways & Means and Rules committees, and on the renamed State Government & Elections committee.

Hasegawa is a lifelong resident of the 11th Legislative District. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2004 where he served for eight years before being elected to the Senate in 2012. As a longtime labor leader and social justice activist, Hasegawa has a lifetime of experience fighting for those core issues of the Democratic Party building power for working families and disempowered communities.

The Legislative session is scheduled to begin on Jan. 11 and will take place virtually due to the pandemic. Committee hearings as well as floor debates will be live streamed throughout the session on TVW.