OLYMPIA – Following the 2017 election, which shifted control of the state Senate from Republicans to Democrats, Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle, has been chosen to serve on several key Senate committees.

He will vice-chair both the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee and the Senate Labor & Commerce Committee, and will continue to serve also on the Senate Ways & Means and Rules committees.

“The committees I serve on are central to state government and allow me to give the 11th district a voice where it counts,” Hasegawa said. “As vice-chair of the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee I look forward to continuing my work toward forming a public infrastructure bank, and as vice-chair of Labor & Commerce I expect to be able to help ensure all workers get a fair shake in our state.”

Hasegawa has served on both Ways & Means and Rules for several years. These committees are crucial in the legislative process, as any bill that goes to the floor of the Senate for a final vote must pass through Rules and/or Ways & Means.