The director of Western Washington University’s Compass 2 Campus program, Cyndie Shepard, was honored by the Legislature for her contribution to the Western community and the people of Washington.

Senate Resolution 8704 was sponsored by Senator Bob Hasegawa, D—Beacon Hill, and adopted in the Senate on March 7th, 2016.

“As first lady of Western Washington University, Cyndie has done a wonderful job fostering relationships between the college and the community, and has given students in our state a resource for success. She is a true advocate of education,” said Hasegawa.

The Compass 2 Campus program connects students from Western with local school districts, and establishes a mentoring relationship that helps encourage K-12 students to graduate from high school and attend college. Hasegawa visits the Western campus every October with 5th graders from Whatcom County.

The program has proven successful since its inception in 2009, and is now being implemented at Central Washington University.

“Compass 2 Campus has been a wonderful program for many students in Washington, and will lead many more students to successful college careers,” said Hasegawa.