“When we began this session 105 days ago, we had a choice.  We could come in to do the minimum and get out of town. Instead, we chose to rise to the moment as a Legislature and as a state and invest in robust, long-term recovery that works for everyone.”

“We listened. We acted. The 2021 legislative session saw the end of incremental change and the beginning of a fundamental transformation to institutions that were always intended to work for people but too often fell short.

“We addressed tax reform through the Working Families Tax Credit for Washingtonians struggling to make ends meet and a Capital Gains Tax on extraordinary profits.

“We took bold steps to expand access to affordable childcare and support our K-12 schools.

“We focused on helping small businesses to survive the pandemic.

“We began to address police accountability by strengthening oversights, banning certain tactics, establishing standards for use of force and many other changes to help reimagine policing in Washington.

“We took enormous steps forward in our fight against climate change, passing a carbon pricing plan through the Climate Commitment Act, adopting a Low Carbon Fuel Standard and passing sweeping environmental justice reform in the Heal Act.

“We made historic investments in housing and eviction reform, childcare, healthcare, broadband and did so through an equity lens to address the inequities that exist across our state.

“This was a historic session by any measure. I am so proud of all that has been accomplished on behalf of the people of this state, and excited by the opportunities created this session for Washingtonians now and for generations in the future.”

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