E-newsletter: exciting news for the 2022 session!

Friends and neighbors,

I hope you are having a safe and healthy holiday season so far. With the 2022 legislative session right around the corner, we are eager to rise to the challenge and pass legislation to meet the needs of our communities. Even with a short 60-day session, we have plenty of work ahead and no shortage of motivation to get the job done!

One exciting bit of news for the upcoming session is that I’ll have a new role in the Senate. In a meeting with my colleagues last week, I was voted to be the next chair of our Senate Transportation Committee![/vc_column_text]

Chair of Transportation Committee

I am extremely honored that my colleagues have selected me for this position. Our transportation sector plays a crucial role in so many facets of our society, from helping our neighbors get to work, to carbon emissions and accessibility, there are a broad range of policies to consider.

As we face dramatic changes to transportation revenue and mobility options, this is our moment to write a visionary, equitable, climate-focused transportation package that invests in our shared priorities while respecting our real and unique local needs. I look forward to the work that lays ahead!

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Graphic from Governor Jay Inslee's Office. Click the image learn more.

Gov. Inslee’s exciting climate agenda for 2022!

In my new role as Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I was honored to speak at Governor Inslee’s climate agenda announcement this week. With our transportation sector being the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state, we have a massive task ahead of us to ensure our natural environment is protected for generations to come.

One exciting piece of the Governor’s announcement was a clean cars rebate to help more folks get into electric cars that they can afford. The proposal includes $100 million for a consumer rebate to reduce the cost of EV’s for consumers, which will help to increase access while also reducing emissions. You can read more about the announcement here.

Stay in touch

As we’re gearing up for the 2022 session, you can always reach out to my office with your thoughts and feedback! Send me an email at Marko.Liias@leg.wa.gov, and let’s work together.