With summer fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share with you all some great educational opportunities available for students living in our area. 

Future transportation leaders needed! 

Washington is unlike any other state for so many reasons, including the unique nature and challenges of our transportation system. The Washington State Department of Transportation is offering a really cool free opportunity for high school students to spend a week learning about our state’s ferries, bridges, climate impacts and other elements of our transportation infrastructure direct from statewide experts, agency leaders and other decision makers.  

WSDOT is offering two free five-day camps this summer, at either Washington State University in Pullman from July 21-26, or the University of Washington in Seattle from Aug. 4-9. Students will stay on campus during the camp. All lodging and meals are covered by sponsors so there are no costs to the students.  

The deadline to register is April 28 and much more information is available here. Camps are limited to 20 students so be sure to apply soon! 

As chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I can tell you firsthand that our state has prioritized transportation innovation, especially in areas that help us reduce our carbon footprint, and we need young, bright leaders to continue to help modernize our state. This is a great opportunity to join this movement! 

Get ready for college 

Running Start has long been the gold standard of college prep programs since the Legislature created it more than 30 years ago.  

In 2024, the Legislature permanently expanded Running Start to include more students, so now Washington high schoolers can start taking courses in the summer prior to the start of their junior year to help them get ready for college. 

Colleges in our community are offering summer Running Start programs, including Edmonds College and Everett Community College. You can click on the links to either school for more information. 

I got to see firsthand the benefit Running Start has on soon-to-be college students when I taught courses at Everett Community College. It’s such a great way to get ready for college and a career.