Dear neighbors, 

We’re back in the legislature for a short session spanning from January to mid-March and it’s poised to be a powerful one. For those who don’t know, Washington State alternates between what we call “long sessions” and “short sessions” every other year. This is called a “Biennium” type of legislature and it’s written into our state’s constitution. This means we have a relatively short window of time to enact BIG change; and we’re going to do just that.  

Please, scroll below and take a look at some of my session priorities as not only the Senator of the 11th legislative district, but as the chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus. 


MLK day

MLK day occurs early in session and grounds us in the work ahead—and it’s coming up on Monday! Every year the Senate passes a resolution honoring Dr. King’s memory and his barrier breaking work in the ongoing struggle for social justice. Be on the lookout next week as we’ll be on the floor passing our annual MLK resolution.

Intro Sheet list sign up! 

You might’ve seen my email over the weekend–I’m encouraging folks to stay engaged by signing up for one of my email distribution lists. The “Intro Sheet” is a list that my office blasts out to keep you up to date on all the bills that are being read. And, it’s as real-time as it gets.  

So, if you’re interested in plugging in and receiving the most up to date bill tracking information–the information that my office operates off of–we’ll share it with you! All you have to do is sign up here. 

My new Facebook video series!

I’m starting something new(ish)! As my way of getting even more involved with our community on social media, I’m kicking off a new video series wherein every week, I give a quick 90 second (or less) rundown of the legislative session. Kind of a “week in review” or “session at a glance” type of thing. I’m still working out the name but nevertheless, check out my first video of the series below and please Like/Follow my Facebook page HERE!

Legislative priorities

[Plain text version below]

As Senate Majority Caucus Chair, my office helps maintain the order and flow of the Democratic Caucus’ priorities which span every committee. My goal is always to approach policy with an equitable and inclusive lens, to center voices from Washington’s Workers and Working Families, and make sure we’re more successful in accomplishing our goals. 

Beyond my work as Majority Caucus Chair, my policy prioritizes: 


A housing market our children can thrive in 

Housing is a human right and access to housing is our collective responsibility. We can choose to create a Washington that our children and grandchildren can live in. 


Prevention and services save lives 

It’s not enough to simply expand our housing supply – we also have to help keep people in their current homes, especially renters who have less stability. This also means better access to behavioral and mental health support. 

Public Safety 

Safe and walkable communities for everyone 

I’m committed to making our communities safer. We continue to be intolerant of violence, abuse and oppressiveness, as we should. It’s also our job as legislators to look at data and find real solutions that actually work—that’s what I try to do every day. 

State Bank 

Empowering Washingtonian wallets 

Financing is the cornerstone to every action we take as a state government. The Washington State Public Bank follows a proven model to give our communities the tools they need to invest in a brighter future. 

Access to Healthcare 

Healthcare infrastructure, accessibility, and insurance 

Healthcare is a human right. We are leading the nation on access to children’s healthcare and reproductive rights, and universal healthcare is next. 

Signing off for now!

I’m looking forward to helping make this year a powerful one–I’d love you feedback! Please feel free to share your thoughts with me here. Your input is important as we charge right into the 2024 legislative session.

Thanks for reading, as always. 


Sen. Bob Hasegawa