Dear Friends and Neighbors of the 11th Legislative District,

I want to thank you for your confidence in me to represent our community’s interests in the Legislature. The 2023 Washington State Legislative Session has begun and once again I would like to invite 11th LD constituents to sign-up for our Intro Sheets list to share your input with me on bills that are introduced in the legislature during session. If you sign-up, I will send the reports to you every day as soon as it is delivered to my office (usually very late in the day) along with instructions.

Due to the high volume of bills introduced each day (especially early in session), I would very much appreciate your taking a quick glance at the Senate’s daily “Intro Sheets” list to see if there are bills that strike you as either: worthy of my co-sponsorship, having potential if amended, or maybe you feel they are so bad we need to make every effort to kill them.

In any case, this is an opportunity for you to directly impact the creation of the laws of our state. Another way you can participate is to log your opinions on bills with the appropriate legislators. At you can find info on how to do this in several different ways like by submitting written testimony, signing up to testify on bills either in-person or remotely by Zoom, or registering as pro or con on a bill with the committee that’s considering the bill.

If we’re all working together on this, we’ll have it covered. The more eyes we have watching the process, the better we can ensure the Legislature is truly representing all our interests so please feel free to share this with others.

Again you can sign up HERE to get the Intro Sheet List sent to them directly.

In Solidarity,

Bob Hasegawa