June 30, 2023

At a time of increased nationwide violence and hatred directed towards the LGBTQ+ community, the United States Supreme Court has sided today with forces of division and taken a step back in the march toward a more perfect union.

This decision marks the first time in our nation’s history that the Court has allowed businesses open to the public to effectively discriminate against a protected class. To refuse service to customers based on who they love is not only outdated, but also hateful and in conflict with the beliefs of the vast majority of the country.

The Washington State Legislative LGBTQ+ Caucus stands in support of our Queer neighbors across the United States in the face of this antiquated ruling. Just as we have celebrated the resiliency and strength of our community throughout Pride month, we also continue the work of fighting to protect our most fundamental rights.

Washington State remains a beacon of hope for LGBTQ+ people across the nation, and this decision will not change that continued mission. Our Caucus will continue to expand rights and protections for our LGBTQ+ neighbors, even and especially in the face of such bigotry.