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OLYMPIA – Sen. Claire Wilson’s (D-Auburn) bill to support adults with lived experience of sex trafficking passed the Senate on a unanimous vote Wednesday.  

Senate Bill 5114 seeks to create a network of voluntary healing centers, as well as transitional services and supports for those with lived experience of sex trafficking. The bill calls for at least one provider in eastern Washington, as well as one in western Washington.  

These supports will include safety planning, housing and relocation, substance use disorder treatment and other trauma-informed services.  

“Every year that someone is trafficked, their options are narrowed. We see that not only through trauma, but through poverty, stigma, criminal history and lack of other basic supports. This often keeps vulnerable adults in dangerous situations,” said Wilson. “It is on us to ensure our survivors have continual support. We must invest in their healing and transitions.”  

SB 5114 also calls for data collection to inform Washington’s future efforts to support those with lived experience of sex trafficking.  

The bill now heads to the House for consideration.