OLYMPIA – Students and their families should never feel they are at risk of retribution for demanding that their schools follow the law.  

That is why Senator Claire Wilson (D-Auburn) put forward SB 5237.  

This bill looks to establish procedures to guide school leaders when they receive complaints alleging noncompliance with state education laws.  

“I have heard stories of districts refusing to adopt Since Time Immemorial and comprehensive sexual education curricula. As we heard so eloquently from a student, her classmate is being denied access to a private bathroom as they look to transition. Teachers are refusing to address students by their pronouns,” Wilson said. “This bill is about protecting student civil rights, student discipline requirements and curricula adoption. It’s about the upholding the law.”  

Local school districts and school boards are in the best position to effectively and quickly respond to the needs of their communities. But local control is not absolute and must be balanced to ensure we are providing all students with a healthy and safe learning environment.  

“Opponents focused entirely on the fear of adults losing power. The focus should be on protecting our students and that’s exactly what this bill does,” Wilson said.  

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