OLYMPIA — Legislation passed today by the Senate would add valuable perspective to the state’s 12-member board of professional educator standards by adding a 13th member who is a current or recent student.

SB 5903, sponsored by Sen. Claire Wilson (D-Auburn), would increase the board by one seat held by an undergraduate or a graduate student enrolled in a Professional Educator Standards Board -approved preparation program in the state.

“A student member would bring a contemporary perspective and knowledge of student concerns that may be quite different from older board members’ memories of public education as it existed when they were students,” Wilson said. “For all their expertise, although considerable, the board’s current members don’t know firsthand what today’s students are feeling and thinking.”

The student member would serve a two-year term and provide an opportunity to improve diversity and representation on the board.

“Broadening the board’s perspective can only enhance it,” Wilson said. “A student’s access and acceptance among fellow students would add relevance and credibility to board decisions on a wide range of issues that affect student life.”