Dear friends and neighbors,

It’s going to be even simpler to tune into the online town hall meeting I’m hosting with Rep. Jamila Taylor at noon this Saturday, Feb. 17. All you need to do is click on this link. Our original plans of using Zoom would have required a more complex process of logging in to view the live town hall – this is much easier!

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There’s still time to send us questions via this link so Rep. Taylor and I can address your concerns in the town hall. One suggestion: Among the many thoughtful questions submitted so far by constituents, some have focused on federal issues (such as immigration or impeachment) that are determined by the U.S. Congress, not the Washington State Legislature. As state lawmakers, Rep. Taylor and I work on policies and laws that apply only to residents of Washington state, making our work less broad in scope but often more likely to affect daily life here in the 30th Legislative District. We invite you to visit our respective legislative webpages here and here and to use the town hall submission link to send us your thoughts. You can tell us what you like or don’t like about a proposed bill, or to ask us to explain in greater detail what the legislation would do and why we believe it important.

Looking forward to your help in enjoying a robust dialogue this Saturday,