OLYMPIA — Legislation passed today by the Senate would expand a program that provides a one-time stipend to help people successfully transition back into the community upon release from a correctional institution or a partial confinement setting.

“This is an important re-entry tool so people get started on the right foot to continue recovery and rehabilitation,” Wilson said. “When someone’s released from custody, it’s not unusual for them to lack a decent pair of shoes or clothes to interview for a job. This modest, one-time assistance could mean the difference in someone’s re-entry as a successful, productive member of the community.”

SB 5893, sponsored by Sen. Claire Wilson (D-Auburn), would increase the number of successful transitions by expanding the use of a stipend that is currently limited to a small number of people exiting the corrections system. The stipend will now be provided to anyone being released from custody, including people exiting to community under supervision, those in the graduated re-entry program, the community parenting alternative program, and those in re-entry centers and work releases.

“This program has led to a significant increase in the ability of people to transition smoothly and effectively back into the community, but it’s only been available to a small portion of people exiting the corrections system,” Wilson said. “Expanding its availability will enable more people to make the kind of successful transitions that make our communities safer, healthier and more vibrant.”