September 30, 2020

Dear neighbors, In the midst of so many challenges our community faces, I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.  We are all doing our best to help our children manage virtual learning in addition to our own regular daytime tasks, all while experiencing the impacts of the dangerous air quality created by record-breaking wildfires burning across the west coast. Today I’d like to provide a few updates and resources heading into this new school year and the upcoming legislative session.

Help Me Prioritize Our Legislative Agenda

As we speak, I am working on putting together a legislative agenda for the upcoming legislative session. Some items I look forward to prioritizing include:

  • Making our state a more equitable place
  • Reforms sought by the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Long-term economic recovery from the pandemic
  • Environmental justice and climate resiliency

These are just some of the issues I’ll be prioritizing this session. I want to hear from you, the community I represent, about what issues you’d like to see addressed in the Legislature this year! Please reach out to my office with your suggestions at A young woman sits in front of a laptop computer holding a yellow pencil by both ends with her hands, biting down on the pencil in apparent frustration.

Back to School in Times of COVID

I’m fortunate to be able to work from home, but juggling my children’s virtual school and our family’s mental well being continues to be a daily challenge. For our essential workers and others who work outside the home, this burden can feel insurmountable. Here are links to a few resources that may help.

Seattle Public Schools

For some answers to common questions about remote learning in Seattle Public Schools, click here.

There are eight temporary Family Resource Centers across the district that support Pre-K-12 students and families in gaining access to technology. Read more about the resource centers.

SPS is working with the City of Seattle and community partners to provide full-day childcare in nearly 50 schools this fall. For a list of providers and to check availability, click here. Apply for free or reduced-price meals for your SPS student here.

Renton School District

For answers to frequently asked questions about remote learning in the Renton School District this fall, click here.

The district is working to improve in-home learning, with built-in supports for students and families, live instruction daily, predictable schedules and routines, and more. To learn more, click here.

The free meal service for all Renton School District students has been extended through Dec. 31. For more information, click here.

The district is partnering with Right at School to offer daycare at three elementary school locations for $30 for a half day and $55 for a full day.  Click here for more information. Photo: top third shows red sky, bottom two thirds shows gray smoke. The sun is a small orange and red circle in the middle, partially covered by the smoke.

Climate Justice Can’t Wait

Our climate is changing, and with it we are seeing the impacts of severe weather events throughout our state. An unprecedented wildfire season on the west coast has erased entire communities and blanketed us in dangerous levels of smoke. This has left those who must work outside vulnerable to the harmful effects of smoke inhalation and kept others indoors in an effort to avoid the smoke. Climate change is a public health emergency we must address now.

I’m currently working closely with Sen. Liz Lovelett, Rep. Debra Lekanoff and the Clean & Just Transportation Table to form a green transportation investment plan based on principles of environmental justice, climate action and a clean fueled economy. We’re working on this plan to address climate change, improve public health, and care for our environmental health, ensuring a safe and healthy future for our communities and our children.

My office welcomes your thoughts and concerns, so please feel free to reach out and let us know what issues are important to you and your community.


Sen. Rebecca Saldaña

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