Legislative Update: What do budgets tell us?

31 Mar

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There are three separate budgets that fund all the responsibilities of the state. They are passed on a biennial basis, or every two years, with smaller 2017 Senate Capital Budget 37thsupplemental budgets passed in alternating years.

Operating Budget

The operating budget is the main budget for the state, with proposals this year ranging from $43 to $46 billion. It funds everything from higher education to state agencies and the mental health care system.

Transportation Budget

The transportation budget funds everything from pedestrian safety to traffic improvement projects, street completion, bridge repairs, ferries and avalanche control. This year’s transportation budget includes a number of projects for the 37th district. Some examples include funds for multimodal transportation options like Amtrak improvements, safe routes to schools and bike and pedestrian improvements, as well as improvements on I-5 between downtown Seattle and State Route 167.

Capital Budget

The capital budget funds a variety of building and maintenance projects throughout the state. From affordable housing grants to schools to community and arts centers and parks, the capital budget is critical to building and expanding public spaces throughout Washington.

I teamed up with our budget negotiators and the other members of the Senate Members of Color of Caucus to advocate for key projects and investments in our districts.

Our priorities include the Housing Trust Fund, Building Communities Fund Grants, Dental Capacity Grants, and Model Toxics. I will continue to advocate for these priorities and 37th District projects as the final capital budget is negotiated with the House of Representatives.


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Cesar Chavez floor speechAhead of César Chávez Day, celebrated on MarchCesar Chavez reader board 31, the Senate honored the work of this great American civil and labor rights leader in a resolution I brought to the Senate floor. Chávez was an advocate for farm workers who tirelessly promoted equality through non-violent resistance, and uplifted Latino communities and workers throughout the nation and world. It was a privilege to recognize Chávez with the rest of the Washington State Senate.

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