OLYMPIA – Sen. Rebecca Saldaña, D-Seattle, was sworn in at the state Capitol this week. She was appointed to the office on Dec. 12 following Pramila Jayapal’s election to Congress.

“Protecting workers, their families and ensuring justice and sustainability in our transportation system are at the heart of healthy Washington communities,” Saldaña said today. “I am looking forward to serving on both fiscal and policy committees that are so vital to the needs of the 37th Legislative District.”

Saldaña is a longtime community leader and the executive director of Puget Sound Sage, an organization committed to fostering sustainable, healthy and affordable communities. She has expertise in a variety of areas including worker and immigrant advocacy, transit equity, women’s rights, social and racial justice, civic engagement, affordable housing and sustainable community development.

Saldaña has been selected for the Senate Commerce, Labor & Sports committee and the Senate Transportation committee, and was elected to serve as caucus whip. As caucus whip, Saldaña will serve on the leadership team and play a key role in promoting Democratic bills in the Senate.

For the full list of committee and leadership appointments, please click here.