It’s been a long two years, but Washington State is poised to come back stronger than ever. In the Senate, we are working to pass a supplemental budget that does more for working families, schools, and the environment.

Highlights include a $2 billion to fund ferries, bridges, and highways, and $75 million for the Farmers-to-Families Food Box Program to get fresh, healthy food to food banks across the state. The Senate is also focused on helping students by allocating $345 million to school districts to stabilize funding, and $172 million to add nurses and counselors to better meet the needs of students.

All in all, the supplemental budgets recognize the sacrifices that schools, businesses, and communities have had to make the last two years. In the coming days, the legislature will finalize these budgets so that Washingtonians can begin to transition to a new normal.


Honored to Serve,


John Lovick

State Senator

44th District