As many of you may know, in the Senate we’re putting together a budget that puts Washingtonians first. This budget isn’t balanced on the back of the worker.


Notable investments include:

· $95 million is going toward increasing access to lifelines for people across the state and prioritizing childcare, behavioral health services, child visitation, and in-home care.

· $100 million toward aggressively addressing workforce shortages and improving access to behavioral health services amongst our laborers.

· $350 million to strengthen our state’s groundbreaking paid family leave program to help families spend more precious time together.

The legislature has an opportunity to meet this moment. The 2022 Supplemental Budget recognizes the sacrifices that schools, businesses, and communities have had to make the last two years and stands up for working Washingtonians.


Honored to Serve,

John Lovick

State Senator

44th District


P.S. If you’re near a computer or mobile device tomorrow—please join us for our first 2022 Virtual Coffee Chat at 6pm. We’ll be discussing some of the budget items I’ve mentioned above, as well as taking all the questions we can get to. You can RSVP and save your spot by going to or simply clicking here to sign up.