Dear neighbors,

We’re wrapping up another eventful week in the legislature and to top it off, our Virtual Town Hall hosted Wednesday was a big hit! We received many great questions and survey responses, so we’ve decided to do another event this coming week! (Scroll below for more info)

Your legislators have been busy. Here’s a look at how the week has been going:


Let’s talk Transportation!

If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that Good Safe Roads are fundamental to my service in the legislature and as a public servant. From my 31 years in the State Patrol to my time serving as

Snohomish County Sheriff, I know the importance of a safe route of travel.

For this reason, I am proud to report that the Senate passed a historic, almost $17 billion transportation package. This will have a major impact on working families; without placing the burden on them.

With a cost-effective approach and multiple streams of funding, we’ve succeeded in passing $1.2 billion in active transportation and $3 billion in transit programs and investments. This will help with the US-2 Trestle Replacement, support our transit system, improve our Centennial Trail and more. Please join us on our virtual Coffee Chat this week for the full scoop!



Please Join us for a virtual Coffee Chat!

This week’s virtual Town Hall went so well that we’re gathering for another, shorter virtual chat. I’d like to hear what’s important to you! Please join me and my seatmates, Representatives April Berg and Brandy Donaghy, on Thursday, February 24th, 6-7pm via Zoom.

This is a great opportunity for us all to sit down and hear your concerns. While you may not know us, we would love to get to know you! I will be taking all the questions I can get to, but you can also submit them ahead of time by clicking here.

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Honored to serve,

-Senator John Lovick
44th Legislative District