OLYMPIA—The final two of the four widely supported bills that made up the Washington State Consumer Protections Package were signed today by Gov. Jay Inslee, marking significant consumer-centric upgrades for the Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC).  

“Our communities have clearly called for policies that put people before profit and increase protections for consumers across the board. I am honored to have garnered unanimous votes on three of four of these bills, with broad bipartisan support on all of them” said prime sponsor Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue). 

SB 5806 closes a loophole that prevented the OIC from gathering critical data needed to protect the public in emergencies and natural disasters. 

SB 5798 gives homeowners more time to find new insurance when they are surprised by a “nonrenewal” notice, providing them a better chance to ensure their homes are protected. 

SB 5842 helps protect individual Social Security numbers from unnecessary dissemination, ensuring timelier insurance claim settlements and reducing the risk of identity theft. 

SB 5213 adds much-needed oversight and transparency to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), to help lower drug costs for Washingtonians.