OLYMPIA—Landmark legislation from Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue) sets a unanimously supported stage for the Washington State Consumer Protections Package. Wednesday night in the Senate marked the passage of the third of three major consumer protections bills brought forth by Kuderer, bringing her unanimously passed bill list to a total of four this session.

“Our communities from across Washington have called for increased protections and consumer safety across the board—tonight marks the night where all of us collectively answered that call in force. This is a big push to give back to Washingtonians, and I am honored to have the unanimous support of my colleagues,” said Kuderer.

“These bills are all about protecting Washington consumers,” said Kuderer. “We’re ensuring the insurance commissioner gets all the information necessary to protect you from predatory practices, extending the time you have to renew your home or automobile insurance, and protecting social security numbers from large data leaks.”

· SB 5806 addresses information not currently given to the insurance commissioner’s office—information they use to ensure you are protected.

· SB 5978 extends the time in a “nonrenewal” situation, yielding more time for consumers to ensure homes or automobiles are covered.

· SB 5842 helps protect social security numbers from unnecessary risk posed by potential large data leaks.

Kuderer’s four unanimously passed bills — SB 5806, 5798, 5842 and 5804 concerning opioid overdose reversal medication (NARCAN) in public schools — now move to the House for consideration. SB 5213, another piece of the Consumer Protections Package, is on track to reach the floor for a vote in the coming days.