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Homelessness is a shared problem

“Homelessness is not a Democratic or Republican problem. It’s not a Western Washington versus Eastern Washington problem. It’s not an us versus them problem. It’s a SHARED problem, and it affects all communities across Washington.”

– Sen. Patty Kuderer, Senate Housing Stability & Affordability Committee 2020 session opening remarks.

Advisory Votes: Ending state funded push polls

“Advisory votes have been around for over a decade. And while I think there’s some merit to the concept, this specific policy as we’ve seen in practice for the last 10 years is simply a failed experiment. It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars that’s designed to instill cynicism and distrust in government and the decisions made by elected leaders.”

– Sen. Patty Kuderer, public testimony on SB 6610 in the Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee.