With the 2023 Legislative Session moving fast, I thought it would be beneficial for me to keep a list of the bills I’m sponsoring this year to help our community.

Things change fast, so check back here often to see what bills are moving and what bills will have to wait until next year.

Here are the bills I’m sponsoring that are still making their way through the legislative process:

SB 5634 Problem gambling: Gambling can turn into an addiction so I thought it was important to treat gambling addiction as we treat other public health crises. This establishes the Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling to address the issue.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Awaiting action by the House.

SB 5324 Concerning the defense community compatibility account: The Defense Community Compatibility Account helps address through grants to local governments incompatibility issues when a military base expands.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Amended in the House, coming back to the Senate for concurrence.

SB 5331 Concerning job search requirements for unemployment insurance benefits: This bill adds more flexibility to job search requirements, adding things like internships, job shadows and other activities as meeting the requirements to continue receiving unemployment benefits during a job search.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Passed both chambers! We’re waiting for the governor to sign it into law!

SB 5350 Providing a benefit increase to certain retirees of the public employees’ retirement system plan 1 and the teachers’ retirement system plan 1: Provides a 3 percent bump to the retirement benefits of retired teachers and other former public servants.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Awaiting action by the House.

SB 5421 Exempting benefit enrollment information collected and maintained by the health care authority from public inspection and copying under the public records act: This will keep private certain potentially sensitive health information for retired teachers and other former school employees.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Signed by the Governor!

SB 5561 Extending the expiration date of the law enforcement community engagement grant project: This bill will extend the end date of the grants we give for community policing programs which I think is an important way for law enforcement and our communities to get to know one another in a positive way.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Passed the House and will head to the Governor!

HB 1762 Protecting warehouse employees: I sponsored the companion bill to Rep. Doglio’s bill in the Senate. This bill would allow the workforce to know details of the quotas they are expected to meet.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Passed the House, waiting to take action in the Senate.