With the short, 60-day 2024 legislative session underway, I wanted to take a moment and tell you about a few of the bills I’m sponsoring this year:

National Guard Recruitment

Our state and country rely so much on the men and women of our National Guard. In times of crisis, natural disasters, the pandemic and other emergencies, the Guard is always ready to serve. It’s crucial that people continue to enlist in the Guard which is why I sponsored Senate Bill 5803. The bill establishes The Washington National Guard member referral incentive program, which awards $500 to Guard members who successfully refer others to enlist in the Guard.

Protections for grocery workers

Supermarkets and other grocery retailers play a crucial role in providing food and daily necessities to the people of Washington. Knowledgeable and experienced grocery retail workers who understand sanitation procedures, health regulations, and the needs of their customers and communities are essential in achieving this goal. I’m sponsoring SB 6007 to ensure stability for these valuable workers, a transitional retention period should be implemented when there is a change in ownership, control, or operation of grocery stores.

Alcohol delivery

SB 6122 better regulates third-party alcohol delivery services by creating a license as well as establishing additional requirements for alcohol delivery including the verification of the customers ordering, paying and receiving the alcohol to help ensure that no one under the legal drinking age of 21 is receiving alcohol.

Coupon equality

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Coupons are a great way to save some money, but not everyone has the internet access or smartphone required to access the savings some retailers are offering. That’s why I’m sponsoring SB 6265. Under this bill, when you buy groceries, the store must honor any coupons or discounted prices that are advertised in the store or online, even if you haven’t signed up for their online promotions. This law is designed to protect consumers and ensure they get the best deals available.

Gas price transparency

I’m also proud to support SB 6052, which has the goal of bringing transparency to the way gas prices are set in our state. The law would require the Utilities and Transportation Commission to gather reporting of detailed pricing, profit margin, and transaction data held by fuel suppliers, refinery operators, and others in the transportation fuels supply chain. The UTC would then analyze and report to the governor, Legislature, and public on that data, including retail fuel prices and the profits of the industry as a whole and major firms within it. Our hope is that this bill will help us better understand how gas companies set their prices and ensure that companies aren’t price gouging consumers.