Sen. Steve Conway (D-Tacoma) has been appointed to represent the Senate Democratic Caucus on the Legislative Oral History Advisory Committee.

The Oral History Committee is tasked with preserving and promoting the history of the Washington State Legislature. It identifies former legislators for oral history projects. Recently the committee completed its oral history project on former Sen. Rosa Franklin, whom Conway succeeded in the Senate in 2011 following Franklin’s retirement.

“The history of Washington’s Legislature is rich and unique and I think we have a very interesting story to tell,” Conway said. “I think there’s a need to better document that history and I hope that I can be of service in helping tell a more comprehensive account.”

Conway has a long history with, well, history. He studied British labor history as a Fulbright Fellow at the London School of Economics in 1973 and 1974. He earned a PhD in History from the University of Oregon in 1979 and previously taught European History at Pacific Lutheran University and taught labor history at Tacoma Community College and Bates Technical College.

You can read more about the Legislative Oral History Committee here.