The Senate Members of Color Caucus released the following statement in response to the act of violence and vandalism that took place on September 18, 2021, against a house of worship in Federal Way:

“Our hearts break to hear of the damage, vandalism and robbery that took place at Khalsa Gurmat Center. Though the investigation remains fluid, we want to make clear that violence against any of our neighbors has no place in our state, and we condemn this potential hate incident at our Sikh community members’ house of worship.

“As acts of hate and malicious harassment have risen, the Legislature acted by strengthening protections against hate crimes and stiffening the penalties for committing them with the passage of HB 1732. The attack on the Federal Way gurdwara is now the most recent example that community members of color continue to be targets in cases of bigotry, bias, bullying and backlash.

“At the Legislature, we remain committed to dismantling systemic racism, speaking out against violence and discrimination, and building a more inclusive democracy as we work toward community-centered healing.

“And as the Members of Color Caucus, we raise our voices in solidarity with those who have been experiencing – and working against – prejudice and racism, with hope and dignity, throughout our state’s history. We thank you, and we fight alongside you.”