Friends and neighbors,  

We are in the final stretch of the 2023 legislative session and making great progress. As we enter these final days, we will see historic votes in each chamber, pass our various budgets, and send legislation to the governor for his signature.  

Helping everyone thrive 

As chair of the Human Services Committee and vice chair of the K-12 Education committee, my priority is ensuring that everyone — no matter their age, gender, race or socioeconomic background — can thrive in their communities. I believe that mission is evident in the legislation that I put forward. 

Here’s an update on some of my bills that are now headed to the governor’s desk.  

  • SB 5114 supports survivors of sex trafficking by connecting them to healing, support and transition services 
  • SB 5127 protects students’ personal information  
  • SB 5131 ensures all money sent to incarcerated individuals for commissary purchases reaches them.  
  • SB 5225 simultaneously increases access to affordable childcare and strengthens Washington’s childcare workforce by allowing more families, including childcare providers, to qualify for the Working Connections Child Care program. 
  • SB 5315: regulates non-public agencies that serve Washington students with disabilities
  • SB 5355 educates students on identifying and preventing sex trafficking 

Common-sense gun legislation 

Time and time again, we have witnessed evil people unleash horrors in the places where people should be safe: schools, universities and places of worship.  

Firearms are the leading cause of death among children in America and in Washington state, and assault weapons have been used in all our nation’s deadliest shootings.  

It is unacceptable, and that is why I voted in favor of HB 1240. This bill prohibits the sale, manufacture and import of assault weapons in Washington.  

I also voted in favor of HB 1143, which will require would-be gun owners to be trained, screened and wait 10 days before they can purchase a firearm.  

Both of these bills place public safety over the interests of the gun industry and will not only reduce gun violence but protect our kids.  

Protecting reproductive rights 

While other states actively work to restrict access to critical reproductive health care, Washington is taking steps to ensure this right is protected.  

Our state took unprecedented action this month by purchasing a three-year supply of the safe abortion medication mifepristone. This was done as we await clarity on a federal lawsuit, filed by anti-abortion activists, that could strip the drug’s Food and Drug Administration approval.  

Mifepristone currently remains legal in Washington and despite any potential ruling, will be available for the foreseeable future because of the action we took.  

The supply was purchased through the Department of Corrections through its existing pharmacy license, and I proudly signed on as co-sponsor of SB 5768, which will authorize DOC to distribute and sell the medication to clinics across the state.  

Stay tuned 

We are close to the end of the session, but the work is not done yet. These final days will be spent passing legislation and negotiating our various budgets.  

As always, I am honored to serve the 30th legislative district and be your voice here in Olympia.