Dear friends and neighbors,

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer and making the most of the sunny days. I have had the pleasure of spending the past few months visiting members of our district, attending community events, and meeting with stakeholders as we prepare for next year’s legislative session.

I want to share with you something that’s close to our hearts – the stories of the families who will benefit from an important housing initiative right here in our district, the Housing Hope Scriber Place. Imagine being a child, showing up at school homeless, uncertain of where you’ll sleep at night. This initiative aims to change that, offering a lifeline to families in need.

Currently, there are more than 700 families in the Edmonds School District facing homelessness, and it’s a serious concern that we cannot ignore. The Scriber Place project, a joint effort between the Edmonds School District and Housing Hope, intends to provide housing for 52 of these families. While it can’t serve all of those in need, it is a big step forward for the families that will be housed.

I am thrilled to share that we’ve reached a crucial milestone for this project. I was able to secure the final $2 million required to make this vision a reality. This money completes all the funds needed to start building these homes. I am proud of the collective effort that has enabled the construction of these much-needed housing units.

The Housing Hope Scriber Place community will be run by Housing Hope, a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to constructing affordable housing in Snohomish County. They have a commendable track record of assisting our community members in need by providing homes and supportive services, fostering stability and independence.

This groundbreaking partnership between Housing Hope and the Edmonds School District is setting a precedent for our state. We’re attempting to build affordable housing for homeless students on excess school district property – a model that, once proven successful, can serve as a template for other communities. It’s an innovative solution to the issue of student homelessness that we can all be proud of.

Even though we have this wonderful project to be proud of, there’s still much more work ahead of us. Ensuring that children have a good place to live is a big challenge, and we need to keep pushing forward. I encourage you to stay in touch and stay involved. As we prepare for next year’s session, your thoughts and ideas are important. Feel free to reach out to me – together, we can keep making positive changes in our community. Send me an email at or give me a call at 360-786-7662.

Sincerely yours,

Jesse Salomon