Friends and neighbors,

We are now well into the 2023 legislative session and have been working hard on legislation that will benefit our communities in the 32nd District and across the state. I’m excited to share with you some of the progress we’ve made since my last update.

Important Legislation

SB 5467, recently heard in committee, would provide an effective solution to the rampant problem of public drug use. This is an outside-the-box policy idea that is treatment-forward but with accountability for failure to undergo treatment. Many mayors, community members and police officers have personally expressed that the current system of essentially recommending to users that they go to treatment, without any charges filed or accountability applied, is not working. This bill provides a better path.

Under this bill, a person could be charged with a gross misdemeanor if they possess illegal drugs. If the person completes the substance use disorder treatment prior to their conviction being entered, the court would be required to dismiss the charge. If a conviction is entered, the court could not sentence to jail but would order the person to undergo treatment based on their treatment needs. If the person completes the treatment, the conviction would be overturned and dismissed.

If the person willfully abandons treatment or demonstrates a consistent failure to engage in treatment, however, the court would be required to impose at least 45 days of jail.

The requirement for treatment would be subject to the availability of treatment and the availability of funding for it. If treatment or funding were not available, the court would not be allowed to sanction the person with jail time for noncompliance.

This bipartisan bill has been co-sponsored by twelve Democratic and four Republican senators.

In the News

The Seattle Times published an article in which it describes SB 5467 as the “best response to Washington’s drug possession law.” The article explained that this legislation focuses on treatment over incarceration while keeping users accountable and not decriminalizing the use of hard drugs.

KOMO 4 News also published a story on SB 5467 and how this legislation would focus on getting drug users into rehab to address the root of the issue and prevent drug use, which has become rampant in several parts of our state.

Other updates

  • SB 5232 was passed out of the Senate Committee on Law & Justice. This bill requires 10-day waiting periods on all gun purchases, as well as proof of firearms training.
  • SB 5263 was passed out of the Labor and Commerce Committee. This bill aims to legalize and regulate the supervised use of psilocybin and make it available for wellness purposes for those over the age of 21.
  • SB 5231 has been passed in the Senate and is now headed to the House! This bill allows police at a domestic violence scene to call a judge to obtain approval to remove an abuser’s gun at the request of the victim, or at the discretion of the officer if the victim is unable to communicate based on the injuries. This removes guns from the scene of domestic violence and helps close loopholes that can result in abusers getting access to their guns while out on bail.

Stay involved!

Remember, your voice is integral in the lawmaking process and helps guide us to shape better policy. Remote public testimony will continue to be offered — along with the return of in-person testimony for all committees — providing every Washingtonian the chance to participate no matter where they live. You can register for in-person and remote testimony here.

Contact Us

Thank you to everyone who has reached out! I’d love to continue hearing from you and I look forward to learning more about your priorities for the upcoming year. Send me an email at or give me a call at 360-786-7662. You can also follow me on Facebook for regular updates throughout the coming months.

Sincerely Yours,

Jesse Salomon