Dear friends and neighbors,

I wanted to thank you for the strong show of support at our hearing on the Washington State Wealth Tax. I asked you to step up and demonstrate the public wants to fix our upside-down tax code, and you did in a big way! More than 2,600 people signed in to support the wealth tax before the committee — about 86% of everyone who signed in.

Polling has shown significant support among the general public for the wealth tax! According to a poll conducted by TargetSmart shortly before the legislative session, 66% of respondents supported the Washington State Wealth Tax proposal.

I also want to thank the folks who gave great testimony to the committee about how the wealth tax is an effective tool for ensuring the wealthiest among us pay what they owe and for making investments Washington families need in education, affordable housing and services for our disabled neighbors. We heard about how the wealth tax has worked well in other countries like Switzerland, and how this will help us provide important tax reform measures like an expansion of the Working Families Tax Credit.

You can watch my remarks and the rest of the hearing on TVW here. Since it’s a revenue bill, the bill will “stay alive” all the way until the end of session on April 23. My great hope is we will pass the wealth tax this session, because It’s time we start rewarding work instead of wealth and build an economy that works for everyone!

Virtual town hall reminder

This evening, Monday, March 20, Rep. Liz Berry, Rep. Julia Reed and I will hold a virtual town hall to update all of you on the legislative session and take your questions. Since our January town hall event was in-person on a weekend, we wanted to do one virtually in the evening, so folks with different schedules and needs could join us. It will be from 6 p.m-7 p.m. this evening, Monday, March 20..You can watch it on YouTube here or on any of our official Facebook pages.

If you have a question, you can easily submit it ahead of time here: I look forward to seeing what issues are on your mind!

If you can’t make that date and time, you can always keep in touch with me at,or watch the recording of the town hall on YouTube or our Facebook pages at a later time.

Thank you as always for reading, and please keep in touch!

Stay well,

Sen. Noel Frame