Prachi Desai, a freshman at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, served as a page with the Washington State Senate the week of April 17. Sen. Manga Dhingra (D-Redmond) sponsored her week at the Legislature.

The page program offers a week of interactive learning about how state government works. Pages get to witness committee hearings, sit in on floor debates, and deliver materials for Senate staff.

Desai applied to the program because of a longstanding interest in state government.

“I wanted to be a page because I have always been very curious about how representatives and senators make the laws that we live by.”

Desai said, “My favorite part was listening to debates and learning about how the Senate works.”

Desai sponsored a bill for her page program’s mock committee regarding firearms.

“We introduced a bill that makes mandatory gun training, and it got voted through unanimously. The mock committee was a fun experience because I got to work with my peers closely.”

Desai also would recommend the program to potential candidates in the future.

“I am looking forward to recommending this to my younger friends.”

Dhingra had brunch with Desai during her week at the Legislature. The senator said, “I’m impressed with Prachi’s curiosity and drive and I know she’s going to make a difference in our community.”

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