I’m excited to tell you about a few honors I’ve received for some of the issues I worked on during the 2023 legislative session.

We’ve all heard about the challenges facing our workforce in our state and beyond, our state’s adult family home community was not immune from this issue either. I worked this session to ensure that vulnerable adults have the help and care they need to continue to thrive.

I was honored to receive the 2023 Adult Family Home Champion award for my work in this area.

I was equally honored to receive the Legislative Excellence Award from the Washington State School Retirees’ Association. I’ve worked with my colleagues in recent years to ensure that we keep our promises to all retired state employees, including teachers, so that their pensions keep up with cost of living increases so they can afford essentials such as food and housing.

I’m also proud to recently be named vice president of the Legislative Oral History Committee. You can read more about the committee’s work here, but our job is to help tell stories and document the history of our state, specifically the history of the legislature, state government and the people who have changed and shaped it over the years.