Washington’s retired teachers and other public employees educated generations of Washingtonians, worked tirelessly to improve public health and provided countless other services for people throughout our state.

Under a bill sponsored by Sen. Steve Conway, retired public employees will receive a modest three percent cost of living increase to help make ends meet.

“It’s important that we keep our promises to these people who taught us, taught our children, worked on our roads, dedicated their lives to public health and safety,” said Conway, D-Tacoma. “This is a modest yet critically important cost of living increase for thousands of Washingtonians.”

The increase will be a maximum of $62.50 per month for people enrolled in the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS Plan 1) or the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS Plan 1).

The bill, SB 5400, passed out of the Senate unanimously on Feb. 19. It is scheduled to be voted out of the House Committee on Appropriations on March 2.

“This money will not be spent on luxuries. The folks in this retirement system are aging and this increase will be spent on medical expenses, rent, groceries and other necessities,” Conway said. “This is about keeping promises and making sure our retired public employees can live their lives in dignity.”