Widows or widowers of service members who died as a result of their service would be exempt from annual vehicle registration fees under new legislation proposed by Sen. Steve Conway, D-South Tacoma. Senate Bill 5634, introduced Monday, would exempt widows or widowers with special gold star license plates from paying annual registration fees and motor vehicle excise taxes for one motor vehicle.

“This is a modest token of our appreciation to people who have lost loved ones serving in our armed forces,” said Conway. “Military families are the support system for our men and women overseas, and we as a society must not forget their sacrifices.”

SB 5634 has bipartisan support and has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee. It has not yet been scheduled for public hearing.

“Gold Star license plates are a way for military families to memorialize and honor their lost loved ones,” said Conway. “This small bill can be Washington’s salute to the widows and widowers who have to find a way to carry on.”

Similar exemptions already exist for Medal of Honor recipients.