Sen. Steve Conway, D-South Tacoma, has been awarded the 2014 “Senator of the Year Award” by SMART Union, formerly known as the United Transportation Union, for his commitment to the safety of railroad workers throughout Washington state. Specifically, Conway co-sponsored legislation last session that would require at least two crew members to be onboard trains to ensure safe operation.

“It is my pleasure to work for the safety of all railroad employees,” said Conway. “Railroad work is extremely dangerous and it is all too common for accidents to result in the end of a career or even death.”

Since joining office, Conway has been a staunch proponent for worker safety and has explored numerous ways to make railroads safer.

“This coming legislative session, I will continue to search for ways to advance legislation that protects not only rail employees but all employees in Washington so that people can go to work knowing they will make it home safely to their families,” said Conway.