Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, issued the following statement after the release of the Senate Republican 2015-17 biennial budget:

“With today’s roll out we now have the clear picture of our state’s budget options. Gov. Inslee led the way with his budget proposal, the House of Representatives unveiled its plan last week, and today the Senate Republicans released their plan.

“I believe that there is something to gain from each proposal, however, I am most concerned that the Senate Republican budget relies on balancing the budget at the expense of the middle class instead of those who can afford to pay their fair share – be it the largest polluters in our state, or the wealthiest few.

“Today’s budget relies on band-aid fixes to long-term problems. Fund transfers, raiding accounts, debt, and gimmicks give the appearance of a budget that “lives within our means.” This is not a solution that can be sustained over time.

“As we have more time to find out what is actually included in the Senate Republican budget, I am sure more concerns will come up. With all of the budget options now available, the negotiations may begin in earnest as we consider the largest bill of the session. With less than a month before the scheduled end of the legislative session, we have much work to do so we may create the best future possible for our state and all of our citizens.”