OLYMPIA – People leaving Washington’s systems of incarceration will be better supported as they reenter society thanks to Sen. Claire Wilson’s (D-Auburn) Senate Bill 5134, signed into law Monday.  

People leaving incarceration in Washington are currently given $40 — an amount chosen in the 1970s that went a lot further than it does today. SB 5134 removes the cap on that $40 amount and ups it to $300.  

Providing sufficient gate money will help those reentering society better cover basic expenses, like housing, food and clothing. Having more financial stability upon release can also help them reintegrate and reduce the likelihood of engaging in criminal activity to survive.  

“If we want to reduce recidivism, we need to have usable plans in place for successful re-entry. Supporting those who have served their time with more meaningful resources will result in increased safety for all,” Wilson said.