Friends and neighbors,  

We are more than halfway through the current legislative session, and I am writing to provide an update on my work for you in Olympia.  

For the past week and a half, the Senate has been on the floor, passing more than 200 bills, including several pieces of legislation I sponsored.  

The Washington State Senate convenes for floor debate – Mar. 1, 2023

As chair of the Human Services Committee and vice chair of the Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee, I am committed to passing legislation focused on creating a better future for all. People are at the center of my work, and I am proud to have received bipartisan support on nearly every bill I brought to Senate floor this year.  

  • SB 5315: regulates non-public agencies that serve Washington students with disabilities (unanimous support!)  
  • SB 5316: removes licensing and background check fees for those entering Washington’s childcare workforce. 
  • SB 5134: ensures those leaving incarceration are better prepared for reentry by removing the $40 cap on gate money. 
  • SB 5225: simultaneously increases access to affordable childcare and strengthens Washington’s childcare workforce by allowing more families to qualify for the Working Connections Child Care program.   
  • SB 5131: ensures all money sent to incarcerated individuals for commissary purchases reaches them (unanimous support!)  
  • SB 5127: protects students’ personal information.  
  • SB 5355: mandates instruction on sex trafficking prevention for students in grades 7-12 (a student sponsored bill with bipartisan support!)  
  • SB 5114: creating a network of support services for sex trafficking survivors (unanimous support!)  

The Senate has also passed significant legislation I want to bring to your attention:  

  • SB 5536 aims to increase access to substance use treatment for people found in possession of drugs, emphasizing care over criminalization.  
  • SB 5352 requires police officer training on vehicular pursuits and modifies the list of offenses law enforcement is allowed to engage in high-speed chases.  
  • SB 5538, SB 5454, SB 5236 seek to address health care workforce shortages by removing barriers for retired nurses looking to return to the field, addressing staff-to-patient ratios, and improving workers’ compensation benefits for nurses.  

Stay in touch: 

My office continues to be as available to you as ever. Send me an email at or give me a call at 360-786-7658.   

I’d love to hear from you and look forward to learning more about your priorities. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.  

My work in Olympia is always informed by the voices of my neighbors, and I’m eager to hear yours. 


Sen. Claire Wilson 

30th Legislative District