Juan Juarez Ramos, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School in Auburn, is the first Latino page from Washington’s 30th Legislative District.

Senator Claire Wilson (D-Auburn) sponsored his week at the Legislature.

The page program offers a hands-on opportunity for students to find out how state government works. During the week-long interactive learning experience, students get a firsthand look at the legislative process and get to explore the Capitol campus by delivering papers for Senate staff. Along with the practical experience, pages are also taught about local government by staff and by guest speakers.

“The reason why I did it is because I was referred by my senator, Claire Wilson. She told me about the program,” he said. “I’ve always loved government, I’ve always loved how the Legislature works, and I was curious how it actually works from the inside, since I always see it from the outside.”

Ramos said that his favorite part of the program has been meeting the people who work at the Legislature.

“My favorite part has been meeting the staff, mainly security. They’re really amazing,” he said. “The majority of them are retirees, so they have their stories of their lives and I really love listening to them. If it’s a quiet day they’ll just keep talking and I love hearing it all.”

After finishing the program, Ramos hopes to go into politics and become a state legislator.

“Hopefully I’ll become a politician, but I really don’t know, the future sets itself,” he said. “All I can say is I hope someday I can be here again as a state senator or a state house member.”

Ramos is very proud to be the first Latino to serve as a page for the 30th Legislative District.

“I am the first Latino to be in the page program for the 30th District, ever. And I’m proud to be doing that and I’m proud to be representing my community,” he said. “I hope that me being here gives a message to Latinos in my school and my community or anywhere, that just because of who you are, because of your history, just because of your family history, doesn’t define who you are as a person.”

Wilson said that Ramos has demonstrated a “rare commitment to public service” and that she is excited for what his future holds.

For more information about the Senate Page Program, contact SenatePageProgram@leg.wa.gov.