I was delighted and last month to tour two amazing schools in our beautiful state. My team and I went to Mt. Vernon’s La Venture Middle School and Yakima’s Union Gap K-8 Elementary/Middle School. I spoke with teachers, staff and administrators including Principals and a District Superintendent. Most importantly though, I spoke with and learned from students. As the chair of the Senate Committee on Early Learning and K-12 Education, my constituents aren’t just those who live in my legislative district—my constituents are Washington’s students, learners, teachers and parents.

To all who I had the pleasure of chatting with over the course of these tours: thank you for your boots-on-the-ground wisdom and acknowledge. While COVID precautions kept us from visiting more schools this year, my team and I have reached out for virtual meetings throughout the summer to get the sense of where things are. We are already at work on proposals for this year’s upcoming legislative session. #WAeducators #WAstudents #WAleg

Please be on the lookout for my full report on these WA school visits. We have one more in person visit to a Skill Center in Spokane before the report is complete. We’ll be issuing a second report on the exciting innovations we learned about firsthand during autumn travels and meetings with educators and EdTech personnel from around the world.

As we handcraft a more innovative education system together, it’s important to stay up to date and informed with the latest and greatest K-12 practices from across the globe. Washington’s students and families deserve the best!

As always, I am honored to serve as your Senator.